Hi! I’m Cate…

So, here’s the deal… Your copy can be a 10-tonne back pack weighing you down. Or it can be your jetpack to the stars.

I’m guessing you’re a reach for the stars kind of girl, so welcome to my little corner of the universe.

When you’re an entrepreneur whose in it for the love not the money (but actually has to make the money because, well, we all need to live), writing your copy can be tricky.
You just don’t know where to start.
What you do write, feels wrong.
And the thought of promoting yourself or coming across as salesy makes you want to climb inside a dark box.
The thing is, it’s not because you can’t write.
You’re just stuck without the tools every writer uses to turn that blank page into great copy.
And you need to know that selling yourself doesn’t have to mean being cringey.

It’s about about seeing your copy for what it’s meant to be – an invitation to a better life.

And that’s something I can help you with.
Because I believe the world needs more entrepreneurs like you.
Driven by a purpose. A desire to solve a problem, to improve people’s lives, make the world a better place.
And I also believe you deserve so much than just getting by.
The problem is, when you can’t find your voice, how will your tribe, your soulmate customers and clients ever find you?

You can’t change the world when you’re playing small. That’s why I teach conscious entrepreneurs how to write compelling copy that converts.

Copy that reaches more people, attracts mores sales, and frees up that time once spent worrying about where the money’s coming from, for more creativity, more service, more abundance.
Because copy is everything.
I can help you find your voice and sell with integrity.
I can show you how to turn ‘salesy’ copy in to an invitation to a better life.
And help you find that missing piece of your communications jigsaw, that is undeniably, unstoppably, you.

Step into your truth. Write compelling copy. Attract more soulmate customers.
Reach the stars.

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I’m a mum to two rascals, a serial self-helper, a daily journalling, crystal-hoarding, story junkie, who believes in every day magic, universal thought, caramel digestive biscuits, that Buffy really could save the world, and never ever using the c word*

I’m also a writer and former national magazine journalist who has written for some of the UK’s leading glossy magazines, as well as businesses large and small.
I’ve interviewed A list celebrities and household names including my idols Jo Malone, Ray Mears, Mary Berry and David Attenbrough. I’ve explored every single possible way you can write about porridge while copywriting for a well-known cereal company. And I once wrote something so inflammatory, it brought the entire pygmy goat breeding population out in arms. True story.