Who’s Really Stolen Your Voice?

“There’s no such thing as writer’s block!”

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a copywriter or journalist, you’ve probably heard this one before.

And it’s true.

As both a writer for glossy magazines and a copywriter,  I can confirm that there’s nothing like the prospect of another dinner of Heinz Baked Beans to get that copy flowing. (If your muse has got her knickers in a twist I got a post coming all about that soon).

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Where’s your tribe? Problem #2 (this one’s not terminal but it severely affects your conversions)

High fives!

You’ve taken that brave leap, narrowed your audience down to one soulmate customer, and all your copy and communications is talking just to her.

Well done, you’ve overcome your fear of niching. And you’re so clear on your target customer that you even know her middle name and how she takes her coffee at Saturday morning brunch. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out my post on the No.1 Reason you can’t find your Tribe).

But hang on…

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As all the experts in growing an engaged social media audience will tell you, if you want more loyal followers on facebook, you’ve gotta start posting where your target market hangs out.

But as you’ve probably realised, most group hosts can spot a blatantly promotional post from 500 paces. And unless they want their group to turn into a spammy wasteland, that post promoting your services or inviting them to join your awesome facebook group will at best be given a public and very embarrassing “back off”, or at worst you will be given the cyber boot from their group.

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