What’s their secret? I can see you wondering….

How are they drowning in followers and 5-figure everythings, when you’re scrabbling around for a few sympathy likes on your FB page?
First thing – no-one’s life or business is really ever that shiny, so if you’re reading this in your yoga pants, high five! You’re not alone 🙂 

They’re not better than you – they’re just telling better stories.

So, fancy some zero-fluff training on how to do it too?

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Discover your true founding story

Create super fans who love your brand

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Hi! I’m Cate…

I’m a story junkie, journalist, conversion copywriter, a bit of geek…
I help entrepreneurs and heart-centred brands tell stories that build their authority and nurture trust.
Which means if you want to write copy that works, or tell better stories in your content, I’m your gal!

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