Content to Clients Sistermind

It’s time to stop hiding & start shining your light…

Content to Clients

You want a steady stream of soulmate clients ready to say “YES!” to your services. 
And you want to know how to sell what you offer to them without feeling slimy.
And the cherry on top? 
A tribe of awesome fans and followers who love and engage with everything that you do.
And you know that’s all possible with the right content. The things is, all you keep getting is


Because while you pinball between platforms feeling more and more frustrated and overwhelmed by which one to focus on and what on earth to say, the weeks (and months) are rolling by and the clients still aren’t rolling in.
And it’s scary. Because you can’t stay in this feast or famine cycle forever. And unless you start hitting your monthly and annual financial goals, your business isn’t viable.

You’re probably already beginning to dread well-meaning friends and family asking “how’ the business?” Because quite honestly, it’s getting harder to smile and say, “Great!”
And I know how that feels. Because 2 years ago that was me. 
I’d stepped out of a successful career as a magazine journalist and digital writer, ready to use my skills to help women transform their content, share their message and grow their businesses…

Only to find myself totally overwhelmed by all the stuff I didn’t know about what it meant to show up online

I knew that I needed more eyes on my brand, and that content was the key to more clients, more money and a business that made financial sense…
Figuring out my own message was like trying to read a label from the inside out.
And then there was the money bit… How was I was ever going to make any when the thought of selling or promoting myself made me want to crawl under my desk and hide?
But deep down I knew that if I really wanted my business to work, I couldn’t remain hidden forever.
I had to get some clarity, step into my expert status, get visible and get strategic.
And when I did that. Everything changed. 
I discovered that…

You can have a strong voice in a busy, noisy market, and grow a loyal following online,  even if you’re a technologically challenged introvert like me.
You can create strategic content that leads from the heart, promotes your business and helps you reach your money goals, without feeling like a slimeball.
You can find your voice, step into your authority and totally change the game – even if it feels like you’re too far gone.

The only difference between you and the person running your dream business right now, is that she decided to step up, find her voice and claim it for her own.
So if you’re ready to stop hiding and start:

attracting more soulmate customers
hitting your monthly financial goals
Stepping in to your expert status
Becoming known for what you do

I’ve got what you need.


The Content to Clients Sistermind

A 90-day mentorship for emerging, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, ready to nail their message, get visible & create powerful heart-led content that sells their services and attracts consistent soulmate clients.

This program is strictly limited to a maximum of 6, which means that if you join the Sistermind, you’re going to be part of an intimate circle of like-minded women, all supporting each other and holding each other accountable while you take fast, messy action towards your business goals.
Here’s what we’ll cover:

Your Messaging Blueprint 

Go deeper with who you are, what you stand for and what makes you different 
Learn how to communicate it in a way your soulmate customers stop and listen. 
Monetise your message & learn the secrets to high-converting copy (that’s more likes, clicks sign-ups sales) to start hitting your monthly income goals.

Your Offer

Learn how to create a little blue box of a signature offer, that beautifully packages your solution in a way that makes sense, and reassures them of the value and transformation your clients will be taking away.
Learn the art of writing a persuasive Sales Page that creates a connection and gets them 95% of the way to YES before they even get on a call.

Find Your Voice 

Show up as the real you with authentic story-driven content
Get more visible and confident in your communications
Turn what you know into words that inspire, and stories that attract loyal followers.

Your Rock-solid Content Plan 

Know where you’re showing up and what you’re saying – always
Never run out of content ideas
Create a plan that effortlessly feeds into your monthly and annual business goals. 

Get Visible

Build your authority and credibility online through consistent content 

During this 90 day program, you’ll

Craft a clear and powerful message that speaks directly to the heart of your soulmate customer.
Learn how to concept and craft cornerstone pieces of content including lead magnets & nurtures! 
Create must-read content that gets your audience hooked on your value, your stories and your brand.
Start confidently selling your services with integrity, ease and grace.
Be more visible and get more eyeballs on your business
Create bolder, braver more heart-felt communications, that get you remembered.

The 90 Days includes:

My eyes on your content for 90 days
Membership access to all my current copy & content Masterclass trainings
12 weekly 90-minute group calls (open coaching)
An intimate group of likeminded sisters for cheerleading & support
Accountability & connection via a private Facebook group

Your investment: £1250
Just 6 Spots Available!
Program starts 3rd February 2020.
EARLY BIRD OFFER: Pre-register for February cohort before 20th December 2019 & receive a New Year 90-min 1:1 intensive (worth £349)


After working together my clients have:

Fully booked their services
Become a best-selling author
Secured regular speaking engagements
Quadrupled their conversions

“Working with Cate changed a lot for me. I knew what I wanted to be doing, but until she helped me to find the words I didn’t have a clear vision or plan in place.  Since defining my message with Cate, my business has boomed, and I’ve actually just had to shut my order books for 2 months as a result of the new inquiries that constantly come through.”

This program is for you if:

You run an online service-based business and you’re ready to take some fast, messy action to hit your goals. No excuses, no procrastination.

You’ve got something important to say and you’re willing to go deeper with your message and storytelling so you can share it.

You’re ready to push your comfort zones, be more visible and become known for what you do.

Plus, you want to do all of this with the support of a dedicated mentor who is committed to your success, alongside a small, intimate group of like-minded sisters ready to step up and make an impact.

I’m Cate, and I’m a copy and content expert with more than 15 years experience creating compelling content for top glossies, small businesses and a leading household brand. I now teach purpose-driven female entrepreneurs the art of content that makes money and gets you known for what you do. Because there are far too many amazing, clever and talented women entrepreneurs out there, with so much to offer, that nobody’s ever heard of… I don’t want that for you. Which is why I’ll show how to find your voice, get visible, and sell your services through authentic, story-driven content that leads from the heart.

“Cate has totally transformed the way I think about my communications. Now I know there’s an art to all communication with your target market. She has so much knowledge and such a brilliant way of condensing it into simple to understand and easy to follow techniques. We worked on my welcome email sequence and my open rates went from 30% to 50% and conversion from 2% to 8.5%, which is amazing.” 

“I deeply appreciate how Cate was always there for us and combined the strategical parts of the training with the creative part. She is a wonderful teacher and a deep heartfelt person and I definitely recommend working with her.”

“If you want to learn how to deliver your message whether professionally or in your personal life – Cate is the one to get you there! As a teacher, she will draw from you an ability for writing you never thought you had. All while being patient, kind and ‘tough’ in the best of ways – she will bring out the best writer in you.”

Come on, how long have you been dreaming about a business where you’re not stressing about clients and finally hitting your money goals? Is it always going to be next year (AKA never)? 
Or are you going to take action now, stop being the world’s best-kept secret and claim that dream business for your own?
It’s time to stop hiding and shine your light.
If you’re ready to get with the program, let’s chat.