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Hi lovely,

If you’re writing you’re own copy, you know what it's like to spend hours writing a blog post. To pull out actual hair getting that sales page written. And your email automation not taking all week – but taking weeks to get finished.
So now it’s finally done, and your cursor’s hovering over the ‘detonate’ button…
But is it really as good as it can get?
Because if you've made one of these common copy newbie mistakes, all that sweat is going to be a big FAT waste of time. 
And I really don’t want that to happen to you.
So to put your mind at ease I’ve created this quick little Copy Cheat Sheet and Checklist to print out and keep on your desk.
So when it’s all done, you can FINALLY press that post, publish or send button, safe in the knowledge that it really is all good to go.

Love Cate

Get your FREE cheat sheet!

Who is Cate?

Cate is a writer, national magazine journalist and copy coach who teaches heart-centred entrepreneurs how to find their voice online and write authentic copy that tells their story, sells their genius (and their services) through the simple power of words.
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