Just opened! 3 new spaces on my ‘done for you’ copywriting services for 3 new courageous brands. Are you 1 of my 3?

Here’s what I know about you.

You’re an entrepreneur driven by a mission. But you kinda dread someone asking about that mission because you haven’t quite figured out how to talk about it in less than 3479 words yet…

And when you’re writing copy for social media or your website, that’s when you really need an icepack for your head.

I mean it’s all up there, in some vague semblance of order. But when you try to wrestle those thoughts, ideas and messages into your web copy, you just sound like some weird robot with a personality disorder whose kinda missed the point…

Or worse… you just sound like the other guys.

You know that what makes you different will make all the difference to your bottom line.

But if it was that easy we’d all have full diaries and a bank account full of zeros.

Not that that’s the reason you started this.

It all began because you wanted to make a difference. And you want to use your unique skills and experience to help, to serve and to change the freaking world.

Of course if you earn a healthy income in the process that’s all cool too, because deep down you know that you can do good and be good to yourself (even if you do struggle with selling sometimes). And actually, no-one can give their best unless they serve themselves first.

That’s why you know it’s time invest in you. And here’s how you can do it.

Let’s take a little step into a different tomorrow:

No more hustling to attract soulmate customers. Because your message is so sharp you could cut diamonds with it.

‘She’s the one who [fill in the blank with your incredible brand story] That’s what they’re saying, because now you know what makes you different, your dream customers want to work with you even more (& tell everyone else about you).

More clicks, more likes, more shares & more sales. Because you’ve got content that builds your authority, drips value and delights, which means dream customers are falling deeper in love with your brand every single day.

And when it’s time to sell, there’s nothing hard about it. Because your content and your copy, converts.

If you want a piece of this brave new world, apply to be 1 of my 3 right now. Email me with the subject “I want great copy!” and I’ll set the ball in motion.

I can’t WAIT to bring your brand story to life.

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