The (bloody) Truth About Finding Your Voice with Lisa Lister

If you’ve ever read any of her books, Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape or Witch, you’ll know that when it comes to courageously sharing your message, Lisa Lister is the poster girl. This conversation was quite frankly delicious – we of course talked about how she went from teen magazine journalist writing about boybands to menstrual maven educating women about blood, periods and the parts of their own body they’ve been too embarrassed to talk about. But I also wanted to dive a bit deeper into some bigger questions about finding your voice as a woman in 2021, and how we can collectively show up more powerfully and more fully in our truth. So we also talked about what it’s like to have an important message that can be awkward or cringey for some people to hear; whether we choose our message or our message chooses us; is it ever really safe to share your story; and why, at a time when every woman has a platform and freedom of speech, do so many still struggle to let themselves be seen and heard? I loved unpacking these juicy questions with Lisa.

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